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Federica Bubani

Cecilia Coppola

Sara Dario

Melanie van der Donk

Elsi table culture

Maria Fischer


Impronte Gioielli

Andreas Hinder


Kühn ceramics

Manufacture de Digoin

Rina Menardi

Neuzeughammer Porcelain Manufacture

Marianne Seitz

Kurt Spurey

Pamela Venturi

Olivia White

Josef Wieser

ALICE horrible small cup de lux with little plate, head


Alice horrible little de Lux with little plate, cup inside gold plated, handle gold plated (real gold), white with motif head. Each piece is unique because of the handmade, not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.


Cup H 5 cm, D 5 cm, plate D 11.5 cm

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