Hans Fischer

Andrea Baumann

Federica Bubani

Cecilia Coppola

Sara Dario

Elsi Tischkultur

Maria Fischer


Impronte Gioielli

Andreas Hinder


Kühn Keramik

Manufacture de Digoin

Rina Menardi


Marianne Seitz

Kurt Spurey

Pamela Venturi

Olivia Weiß

Josef Wieser

Vase colorful, painted H 23 cm


Vase made of porcelain, freely hand-turned, glazed, matte outside, shiny inside, partly two-tone. Each vase is unique. These vases are part of an experiment by the artist with the color green. The color palette ranges from yellow-green to gray-green, the principle is that each vase has a different hue, and in sum, the result is a carefully coordinated color composition, a complete work of art. The vases are available individually.

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