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Iris Tonies

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Depero new Depero

"If I live according to what I thought yesterday, I will begin to fear those who copy me." Fortunato Depero

Almost twenty years after the opening of the Mart in Rovereto, a major exhibition is dedicated to Fortunato Depero, which examines the modernity of his experiments and the influence of his research in the fields of art, fashion, design, and comics from the 1970s to today. On display are around 500 works, including drawings, furniture, objects, posters, photographs, books, and magazines, as well as ten videos and films from the past twenty years, comics, and design objects, and the famous advertising designs for Campari.


Born in Trentino in 1892, Depero left the city of Rovereto the only museum of Italian Futurism and his personal archive, which includes about 3,000 objects, including a large part of his artistic work and an extensive library, when he died in 1960. This invaluable legacy restores the figure of a versatile artist who experimented on various fronts and in different areas: from painting to complex car models, from graphics to theater, from poetry to communication, from opera to publishing projects. A creative artist in search of total art, who firmly believed that there is no hierarchy between one language and another.

Over the years, the Mart has continued to pursue Depero's ideas and turned his legacy into a lasting heritage. Dozens of works and numerous archives have been acquired, invested in restorations (including the famous tapestries normally exhibited in Casa Depero), and in reconstructions of costumes, furniture, objects, and stage sets such as the famous "I Balli Plastici" and "Le chant du rossignol." "Depero New Depero" provides a glimpse into this history for the first time.

Curated by Studio Baldessari e Baldessari, the scenographic exhibition is divided into five sections: "Reconstructions," with the numerous reissues of Depero's unusual creations for the theater; "Depero Effect," in which the big names of Italian design appear, who openly drew inspiration from the artist from Trentino; "America," where Depero's story and work are told through more recent audiovisual productions; "Museum," with documents and publications from the archives of the 20th century; "Conservation/Education," which showcases the projects that the Mart has carried out over the years in the field of restoration and cultural mediation.

The exhibition is open from October 21, 2021, to July 5, 2022.