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Sara Dario

Sara Dario was born in Venice and studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. She was able to deepen her interest in photography and printing processes - especially unconventional processes such as photoengraving and screen printing - at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In a ceramics course, she discovered that earthenware and especially porcelain are suitable materials for adding depth to her photographs.

"Porcelain combined my passion for photography and sculpture through screen printing. The stripes that form my works become readable stories to turn the pages of, where anyone can feel their way in and find themselves."

She developed her own silkscreen photo-etching technique, replacing traditional paper or textile supports with bright, very white porcelain. Like a director edits his film, Sara Dario edits her photo sculptures. A scene is identified, fixed on porcelain and mounted in long loops to finally create a homogeneous story. The theme of her works is the city and its cinematic and literary representation, for example by Wim Wenders or Italo Calvino.

The sculptures, with their articulated overlaps of ceramic ribbons, are reminiscent of old, unwound film tapes that have been chaotically stacked. The ribbons lead circularly from bottom to top, telling a story of personal experiences and memories mixed with impressions of people, landscapes and cities. The result is an organic form without unnecessary decoration, where chaos becomes the core of the work and the reality that defines it.

Sara Dario has already received numerous awards for her very personal, artistic expression. We are very pleased to present Sara Dario exclusively at bon ton.

The artist's products are only available in our store in Naglergasse.