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Cecilia Coppola

Cecilia Coppola makes objects in porcelain, designed both for everyday use and as collectibles. Her artistic work is based on the idea of connecting the reality of everyday life with a fantastic dream world.

"My porcelain objects are utilitarian objects that, as if viewed through a mind-expanding lens, suddenly come to life as in fairy tales."

Always on the lookout for the extraordinary, she is concerned with bringing wonder to the user in surprising ways through a simple gesture, a situation that your utilitarian objects capture.

"As in mythology, fable, and later psychoanalysis, the extraordinary is a means of raising awareness, of discovering the unexpected and opening up to it."

Coppola's interest here is to surprise the viewer and encourage pleasurable contemplation, ultimately allowing for experience and insight.

Her tea sets are produced in small batches and are intended for everyday use. The artistic teapots, on the other hand, are unique pieces and conceived as sculptures. However, all porcelain objects draw inspiration from the imaginative world of children's literature and nature. Each piece is handmade and decorated according to traditional techniques. Even the punctual decorative accents in polished gold once again emphasize the borrowings from a lightheartedly entertaining, magical world of magic from which her imaginative objects seem to spring.

Cecilia Coppola lives and works in Rimini, Italy. After training as a ceramicist with artist Giò Urbinati, she opened her own studio.

We are very pleased to present Cecilia Coppola exclusively in Austria.