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Veronika Thurin

Veronika Thurin was born in Merano and completed her studies in ceramics in Vienna, Linz and Faenza. Since 1993 she works in her studio in Bolzano. The free, creative and unbound work is a prerequisite for the artist. She approaches the material clay with attentiveness, discipline and respect.

"Clay remembers, even if it appears superficially docile."

Veronika Thurin's stoneware vases are turned on the potter's wheel, painted with engobes, graphically designed with a fireproof pen, scratched and fired a total of three times.

Veronika Thurin is also enthusiastic about porcelain and its qualities of transparency, delicacy and purity. In it she sees the possibility of overcoming the heaviness and earthiness of clay and playing it up to a dematerialization and spiritualization of the objects.

Her porcelain vases are almost transparent and impress with their aesthetics. They are made in plate technique, the decorations produced in an elaborate wash-out process: For this, the ornaments are freely drawn with shellac and subsequently the intermediate surfaces are washed out with a sponge. This is how the reliefs are created. Veronika Thurin's products and art objects are sold in selected stores and galleries.

"A common denominator of my different works is the search for concentration in form and color, the conceptual approach and the inclusion of space."

We are very pleased to present Veronika Thurin exclusively in Vienna.