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Iris Tonies

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100 Percent Austria: Josef Wieser

He calls himself a natural clay ceramist: "My products are born from earth and fire to delight people." With great passion, he prepares the clay, shapes it, and experiments with different ovens. His works are a constant metamorphosis toward the perfection of the interplay between material, form, and language.

"I played with clay on my way to school and modeled it with great pleasure," says Josef Wieser. It was clear very early on that he would dedicate himself to the craft. He learned two originally inseparable professions: potter and ceramist.

His connection to nature is reflected in his works. "I often roam landscapes in search of geological peculiarities. The region between the limestone Alps and the granite massif, as well as the weather influences of millions of years, have left behind different sedimentation formations." Wieser tracks down different clays by exploring abandoned clay and sand pits, old brickworks, or decommissioned glassworks. "I only process self-dug clays and loam into masses with an unmistakable character and lively appearance. I grind rocks and sands for my self-made glazes."

He also uses different firing ovens for his ceramics: an electric oven, a gas oven for reduced firings and a wood-fired oven. He started experimenting with the latter at the age of twelve. "A small shaft oven was used for experiments, later followed by other ovens with different flame directions. So, fire has been marking my vessels for over 35 years."

Josef Wieser dedicates himself with a special passion to the East Asian technique of Anagama firing. The ceramics are exposed to the glow of charcoal and fly ash and, at a temperature of 1,300 degrees Celsius, take on a unique coloration. As an archaic craftsman, researcher, and seeker, he constantly develops himself, tries new things, and transforms the unexpected.