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Andrea Baumann

Andrea Baumann completed an apprenticeship in ceramics, studied free art, ceramics and experimental paintingin Kiel and Reykjavik, as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Her desire to create something that shines from within itself has resulted in an enchanting series of cups, plates, platters and bowls made of Limoge porcelain. The base of her forms is always a sphere, hemisphere or cylinder. The porcelain is colored and built up by hand. The resulting organic form fascinates with its liveliness and the stability of the fragile-looking parts.

Provided with a fine gold rim or completely gilded on the inside, Andrea Baumann completes the perfect interplay of material, transparency, lightness and light. Her porcelain is fired twice at 1250°C, the gilding at 800°C in a third firing. Her porcelain is intended for everyday use and has also been tried and tested in the catering industry.

Andrea Baumann lives and works in Tyrol. She is present at numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad as well as in selected stores. We are very pleased to represent her exclusively in Vienna.

The artist's products are only available in our store in Naglergasse.