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Josef Wieser

Through his craft training as a stonemason and ceramist, Josef Wieser brings together two professions that originally belonged together. He only processes clays and loams he has dug himself into masses of unmistakable character and lively appearance.

Using traditional techniques, Josef Wieser also fires with wood, among other things in an Anagama kiln. The fireplace and the workpieces are in the same room during this process, and the extremely high temperature - up to 1300° C - causes the ash to react with the clay, resulting in a natural glaze.

"The uniqueness of my ceramics begins with the
selection of the clays. Just as the clay is quarried in the pit,
it arrives in my workshop."

Using only water, it is slurried and coarsely sieved, retaining all the natural accompanying minerals. The slurry slowly settles until it thrives over weeks in brick matrices to form a kneadable mass. Following centuries of tradition, the clay is stored in a cool, moist place for at least a year. Carefully kneaded by hand, Josef Wieser shapes the clay on the potter's wheel. Each vessel is thus individually designed, then slowly dried and raw-fired at 900 ° C. Only rock flour and raw materials such as feldspar, quartz, chalk and clay are used for the glazes. In the second firing this coating melts at a temperature of 1250° C.

"The Anagama kiln always releases pieces with unmistakable traces of
ash approach, melted feldspar and iron inclusions." We
are very pleased to exclusively represent Josef Wieser in Vienna.