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Cécile Preziosa

With a deep desire to design and make simple and beautiful objects, Cécile Preziosa decided to train in ceramics in a traditional pottery workshop in Alsace after completing her engineering studies. In 2013, she opened her own workshop in Normandy.

Exploring colorand texturehas always been the focus of her work. After extensive research on high-temperature glazes made from mineralsand natural oxides, a palette of thirty-two shades has emerged that can be combined in any way to create a delicate, sophisticated universe of color.

The velvety or slightly satin textures enhance the softness of the shapes and colors. Each piece is made of stoneware and freely turned on the potter's wheel.

Color, texture and shapecomplement each other to create a visual and tactile unity in each object. The timeless dinnerware conveys a sense of calm and serenity.

Cécile's products are sold in interior stores in Europe, the US, Japan, Korea and Thailand. We are very pleased to represent Cécile Preziosa exclusively in Austria.