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Hans Fischer

For Hans Fischer, craftsmanship does not mean perfection, it is not about "mastering" something. He literally works "with" his material.

"In handicraft, I can animate things by working with my hand."

His spontaneous tableware, seemingly made with childlike exuberance or even displeasure, cares heartily little for norms of any kind. In doing so, he explores the boundaries of convention.

Born in Lower Bavaria, Hans Fischer completed his pottery apprenticeship with Jörg von Manz. Years of working in potteries in Germany and southern Italy followed. Since 1983 he has been working in a joint workshop with his wife Maria Fischer.

His involvement with the tradition of rural pottery is unmistakable. Thus he is one of the very few who research the folk art of the German handicraft. With his work he imparts the knowledge of materials, their peculiarities, suitability and properties and contributes to keeping them alive.

"In arts and crafts, the gift is to become aware of one's own person. And anything personal is against the grain."

Hans Fischer makes glazed ceramic tableware - turned on the potter's wheel and decorated with graphic drawings. He also works as a sculptor on free sculptures in clay. His pieces are personal statements, views and perceptions of the world made accessible and available.

He is present at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad as well as in selected shops. We are very pleased to exclusively represent Hans Fischer in Vienna.