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Christmas Gifts: Design and Decoration Ideas for People who love Gold

Gold is increasingly in vogue. Sparkling cups, bowls, plates, enchanting teapots. Handmade objects for daily use with a high degree of elegance and creativity are presented to you as inspiration for giving gifts to gold lovers.

Gold is a classic, gold never fades. And one thing is certain: it is eye-catching, elegant, unique, and perfect as a Christmas gift idea. It goes wonderfully well with dark colors such as black, deep red, and navy blue and smiles mischievously at soft tones such as pink, white, cream, and nude tones. Gold is a shiny declaration of love for every corner of our home, and there are many different ways to combine gold without being predictable or old-fashioned. Because a touch of glamour emphasizes and underscores our personality.

Gold can accompany us anywhere: in a dining room where elegant parties are celebrated, in a bedroom with unexpected shine, or in a minimalist, luxurious bathroom with a chandelier in a thousand shades of gold. But gold also invigorates thousands of accessories with its precious character that we like to surround ourselves with, such as bowls, vases, teapots or cups. And it gets even better in combination with light or candles and creates an exclusive atmosphere in rooms that enchant the familiar place where we live.

An ancient longing to shine uncompromisingly, a priceless charm nourished by romantic fantasies or postmodern night atmospheres. Interesting works of art are the collection of the artist's Potomak dining services, which are ideal for a sophisticated table. The plates in ivory porcelain or with a colored glaze are decorated with a unique golden rim that expresses a precious and noble appearance. Donatella Parotto and Mauro Bonvecchio describe their color creations as natural: from gold for the warm summer sun to caramel for dry grass to white for the cold winter. Each product is completely handmade.

For a tea or coffee break full of elegance and sophistication, Cecilia Coppola interprets the shapes of Alice in Wonderland with the Alice collection, giving tea and coffee pots and cups a magical touch. The result is refined reliefs reminiscent of flowers or mythical creatures and represents an artistic staging.

And finally, Paola Paronetto presents an exclusive signed series of bowls. These unique, sculptural objects made of Paperclay, made in different colors and sizes, combine originality and timeless style.