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Rina Menardi

Since 1980 Rina Menardi passionately explores the design of ceramics. Since then she has been developing working techniques and color patterns with the aim of achieving perfection of form. She founded her eponymous company in 1995 with her husband Valter Milanese.

Rina Menardi's forms are created in a balancing act between spirit and soul. The spirit demands clean lines and sharp boundaries, while the soul expresses itself through gentleness and movement. In the vibration of these opposites lies her experience: "Balance is the true goal, in rest lies the purpose."

Her intention is not to create obtrusive objects, but ones that hint at sensations and evoke our deepest emotions both visually and haptically.

Although Rina works with clay, she does not describe herself as a ceramicist. "Clay allows me to give form to the here and now. It is a way to communicate with myself and subsequently with others. My humble goal is to bring to light naturally what is inherent in us."

We are pleased to present you a selected assortment of Rina Menardi in Naglergasse.

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