Hans Fischer

Andrea Baumann

Federica Bubani

Cecilia Coppola

Sara Dario

Elsi Tischkultur

Maria Fischer


Impronte Gioielli

Andreas Hinder


Kühn Keramik

Manufacture de Digoin

Rina Menardi


Marianne Seitz

Kurt Spurey

Pamela Venturi

Olivia Weiß

Josef Wieser

Nature Sensuality Poetry

Products made by hand are much more than just objects. The material is shaped into works of art that are capable of refining the visual and intellectual sensibility as well. The resulting added value opens the way to a new aesthetic and raises awareness of the beauty in everyday life to enjoy life in style.

The salon for modern ceramics

The passion for the material and for real craftsmanship are our motivation. Our goal is to establish sustainable, handmade tableware as well as exclusive works of art made of ceramics and porcelain
by European artists.

The current assortment includes selected studios from Austria, Italy, France and Germany.

In our online shop we offer a selection of our most popular articles. For a tour through our complete assortment or a personal consultation, visit us in our shop in Naglergasse or contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email.