Iris Tonies

Bunte Vasen von Veronika Thurin

Andrea Baumann

Federica Bubani

Cecilia Coppola

Sara Dario

Elsi Tischkultur

Maria Fischer


Iris Tonies

Andreas Hinder


Kühn Keramik

Manufacture de Digoin

Rina Menardi


Marianne Seitz

Kurt Spurey

Pamela Venturi

Olivia Weiß

Josef Wieser

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We deal intensively with the interplay of haptics, colour, form and structure. You can see and feel this in the bon ton range.

We carry collections in a wide variety of styles and offer very individual advice, depending on the occasion and personal living environment.

We are very happy to put together wedding lists or a gift selection for special occasions for you. With some ateliers we also have the possibility to commission individual products.