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Cristina Fiorenza

Cristina Fiorenza is an architect, artist and ceramist. She studied architecture at the University Federico II di Napoli, at the Technical University Berlin and at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

"I grew up in Naples and carry the erosion of the rocks from the Amalfi Coast: a place where ceramics is part of the traditional culture. I carry the sea in my heart, as well as the objects and colors that the sea brings back to the beaches of Southern Italy."

Material plays an essential role for Fiorenza, whether in architecture or art, ceramics is a material that has always been familiar to her. Function is not the deciding factor for her vessels. Her focus is on the design of shapes and surfaces, experimenting with various glazes, techniques and firings. Freely turned on the potter's wheel, her objects are part of a continuous evolution, a metamorphosis. The surfaces are rough and overlaid with various layers of glaze that create bubbles in response or craters that open, run, solidify. Her unique ceramics are fired several times until the desired result is achieved.

"These glazes are the result of continuous experimentation to create rough and jagged surfaces that remind me of lava rocks, erosion, and centuries of rock sedimentation."

Cristina Fiorenza has participated in numerous international group and solo exhibitions, she lives in Naples and Vienna. We are very pleased to present Cristina Fiorenza's ceramics exclusively.

The artist's products are only available in our shop in Naglergasse.