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Paola Paronetto

Paola Paronetto was born in the Veneto region of Italy. Her artistic development is based on numerous experiences: From continuous experimentation in her own production, to teaching at the International Ceramic School La Meridiana di Pietro Elia Maddalena in Certaldo, to collaborationwith many different art galleries.

Paola Paronetto meets the taste of a public with a love for contemporary design.her experimental approach to materials derives from a sensibility for beauty and nature and from the simplicity of formal content.

Currently she works mainly with paper clay: her "Cartocci collection" ranges from purely decorative objects, sometimes of remarkable size, to everyday objects, and is intended for those who like to surround themselves with refined and exclusive objects.

Her unique pieces are a symbiosis of perfect craftsmanship and artistic expression. Paola Paronetto's philosophy is appreciated by a wide public. Her products are sold in renowned shops worldwide. We are very pleased to represent Paola Paronetto exclusively in Austria.