Iris Tonies

Bunte Vasen von Veronika Thurin

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Iris Tonies

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Fresh wind for the table

Handmade plates are objects that can tell distant stories and traditions. Colorful or monochrome, creative and unique. They are perfect for an original table setting. There are pieces that trace the craftsmanship of the past and others that reinterpret it in a modern way. We like both because they can best represent the creativity of the moment.

Which plates to choose?

Are you ready to focus on handmade plates to start your collection? There are artisan companies that simply leave us speechless with their special creations. They are magical places that have been producing wonders for decades.

We have collected the most beautiful ones for you. Whether porcelain, stoneware or earthenware, what they all have in common: They are special objects to show off. Not to be kept in some cupboard, waiting for a good opportunity. Put them on the table to embellish it and celebrate the get-together with family and friends.

Here's our pick:

Studio Potomak, founded by Donatella Parotto and Mauro Bonvecchio in 1982, fascinates with handmade porcelain that is precious but suitable for everyday use. The idea of using plates in different colors, colorful or subtle, is a style that appeals to many.

Rina Menardi celebrates handwork with taste and glamorous style. Her forms impress with clean lines and smooth movement. Together with the elegant colors, they create holistic art objects of the highest perfection.

Hans Fischer has been manufacturing earthenware with passion and creativity for nearly four decades. The brightly painted plates are so beautiful that many already collect them. Spontaneous, sometimes ironic motifs, but also delicate garlands or wild brushstrokes adorn his handmade wonders.

Birgitta Schrader casts plates with technical finesse from solid-colored Limoge porcelain, whose sensual feel is incomparable. Objective elegance and refinement that is also celebrated in the gourmet kitchen.

Veronika Thurin Honors craftsmanship with stylish character. Her hand-turned porcelain plates are inspired by the color green. The result is an authentic composition of yellow to dark green, gray and turquoise, which colorfully mixed on each table creates a work of art.

Nicolas Veneziano inspires with colorful, cheerful plates in unusual colors, which can be wonderfully combined with both fine porcelain and painted ceramics and thus artfully reinterpret the existing tableware.