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Studio Potomak

Studio Potomak was founded in 1982 by Donatella Parotto and Mauro Bonvecchio. Their name comes from Jean Cocteau's work of the same name. For 15 years they worked intensively with raku technique and established themselves internationally through the originality and high quality of their products. From 1998 onwards Donatella and Mauro found their special fascination in handmade porcelain. This technique, which was not very common in the Mediterranean area, inspired the creativity of the two artists from then on.

In their studio in Pergine Valsugana, Italy, they personally design and manufacture each piece. The production of limited numbers of pieces allows the artists to constantly research and to achieve an exemplary quality of exclusively manual workmanship.

Studio Potomak's highly refined porcelain creations almost seem to have a soul of their own.

"Large bowls with organic shapes, cups as precious as chests, mugs and vases as white as snow-covered meadows, plates with colors as deep as the night or as bright as a light breeze".

Potomak is represented in exceptional hotels and shops worldwide. We are very pleased to present Studio Potomak exclusively in Austria.